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Application of wire rope pressing

As an important mechanical component, wire rope has been widely used in industrial production. However, during the use of the wire rope, problems such as broken rope, wear and deformation are often encountered, which may lead to serious safety accidents. Therefore, restraining the wire rope is very important.

Pressing method of wire rope

Wire rope compaction refers to the work of securing the end of the wire rope to a component. There are many ways to press wire rope, according to the diameter of the rope, different materials and other factors can be selected by different pressing methods to improve the firmness of the press. Common suppression methods include:

Button pressing

This compaction method is suitable for the case of small wire rope diameter. A pressure buckle (also called a pressure ring) is used to press the end of the wire rope to secure it to the element. There are many kinds of buckle, including single ring buckle, double ring buckle, ring buckle and so on. Different quatles are suitable for wire ropes of different diameters, and the quality of the quatles will also affect the firmness of the press.

Hinge pressing

Stranding means that a length of wire rope is fixed to the element by torsion. This pressing method is suitable for the case of large diameter of wire rope. There are two ways to kink, one is to use a winch to kink, the other is to use hand welding press

For large diameter wire rope, in the case of high requirements, welding can be used. This pressing method requires the end of the wire rope to be pretreated and then secured to the element by welding. The cost of this pressing method is relatively high due to the need to use welding equipment.

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